Let’s Face It

Over the past few months, many social media sites have become obsessed with the changing looks of popular female celebrities. Every day we see posts about Kylie Jenner’s Lips, or René Zellweger’s face, and many ...
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NFL Scandals

The NFL has been in the spotlight this year, with major scandals surrounding various high profile players such as Ray Rice, Ray McDonald, and Adrian Peterson.  To briefly summarize the Ray Rice scandal: Ray Rice ...

Girl Scouts Go Digital

Everybody has their favorite Girl Scout Cookies. Everybody has seen the Girl Scouts, around school or walking door to door or at the supermarket selling their delicious cookies to raise funds for their troops, and ...

TED Talks… At a Prison?

At Sing Song prison, many inmates including violent felons are pursuing degrees through the Hudson Link for Higher Education while in prison. Hudson Link for Higher Education in Prison is a nonprofit organization that provides ...
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