Current Affairs

2016ers Look Ahead

If you’re a news outlet executive, you’re probably working on the next catchy, short, and patriotism-promoting slogan for the 2016 elections; see “Your Voice Your Vote,” “Decision,” and the classic “Vote” of recent years.  But ...

Wedding Bells and Lovely Dresses

Nothing is more exciting than seeing the world’s most admired celebrities contest their love by getting married! So far, 2014 has been the year to say “I do!” with various favorite celebrity couples tying the ...
college tuition

What if College Was Free?

Pew Research Center did an extensive study on the rising cost of college tuition for American Universities. A record number of students are leaving college with high amounts of debt. According to the study, almost ...
Style & Beauty

Smart Fashion

Trends can change dramatically with the seasons. They can change even more dramatically with the times. Fashion technology is the perfect example of one such dramatic change. The space for wearable technology has been expanding, ...
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