The Dirty Side of Cleansing

The start of the new year classically sets off a stampede of people determined to improve their health by resolving to do things like get a daily thirty minutes of exercise, switch out bananas for ...

Self-Love Is In the Air

The season of love is approaching—but don’t limit your celebrations to Hallmark cards, boxes of Godiva truffles, or long-stemmed roses. This February, try something a bit un-orthodox and practice self-love. Focusing on yourself isn’t selfish ...

Mastering Five-Minute Makeup

If you have never had a rushed, panicky morning, then you’re not human. Unfortunately, we’ve all had those sucky a.m. misadventures where the alarm doesn’t go off, there’s no coffee left, our wardrobe looks barren, ...

The Best-Friend-Less Freshman

There were many things about college I was nervous about. Taking classes that were over my head, feeling homesick, and sticking to a budget for the first time topped my list—but one thing I never ...

The Case for Living On-Campus

Scratched linoleum floors. Two rickety bunk-beds. Curtains that look like they might have been white- ten years ago. Fluorescent lights that seemed design to highlight every mascara smear, burgeoning white-head, and stubborn fly-away. Is this ...

Mommy Come Back

My first night in college, I lay in my weirdly high twin-XL bed and tried not to cry. It was ten p.m., and my parents were probably just pulling into the driveway after the five-hour ...