Cold War II

Another Cold War is impending. Or so many believe it to be. Based on the palpable tension between several key nations, this seems plausible. The former leader of the Soviet Union, Mikhail Gorbachev, has warned ...

Top Safest Countries

Life is hard for everyone. It would be even more difficult if you had to undergo the everyday obstacles in a hostile environment. No, not hostile in the Mean-Girls way. Hostile in the unstable-government-causes-terrorism-massacres-and-crime way. ...

The Tribal Help

Tribes in the Middle East have decided to form alliances with authorities in order to resist ISIS. In particular, the Aza tribe made a deal with the local police and military leaders. The leaders would ...

The ISIS Allure

An alarming amount of foreign youths have attempted to join ISIS. Even more surprisingly, many of them have been American. “They are oftentimes searching for an identity because what the jihadists are actually pushing is ...
Current Affairs
France National Front

The National Front

Picture this: a political party which is anti-immigrant and anti-its-own-continent. The leader has a history of being anti-Semitic, racist, and a chauvinist. This sounds like a dictatorial,  made-up government from a film which is a ...

Styles We Love: Fall Trends

  1.) Brixton Messer (Black) Traditional Hat Style: “Top It Off”- Every fall, we tend to see resurgence in hat-wearing. However, the style of hats that women desire changes every year. Fedoras were popular at ...