Graduation Style

The countdown to graduation is on. We’re all eyeing the calendar and marking down the days.  You’re just about finished- but not before you have a fabulous graduation outfit planned. Get inspired below: DRESS PICKS: ...

Thrifting Tips & Tricks

Shopping at thrift stores is like going on a treasure hunt. You really never know what you might find, but most times you dig through a lot of stuff: hundreds of books, little knick-knacks, and ...

Taylor Swift’s Top Ten Looks

Taylor Swift is a style icon. From awards show gowns to street style, she always looks polished and perfectly on point. Get inspired by ten of her best looks: 10) An all-black ensemble and umbrella   ...

Summer to Fall Wardrobe Transition

As summer fades into fall, fashions change, and cozy sweaters dominate. Don’t leave all of your beloved summer pieces behind, though. Make the most of what you already own, and transition into fall the smart ...

Find Your Perfect Fall Look

Oh, Fall. Jeans, sweaters, and back-to-school shopping galore. It’s easy to catch onto trends, but it’s hard to get to know your perfect fashion choice. What is your signature autumn style? Take this fun personality quiz ...

Enjoy Every Day

I recently came across an online comment stating “you should really have fun while you’re young because soon you’ll just be stuck behind a cubicle”. Yikes. Living life with that kind of attitude just seems flat-out depressing. What if instead you dared to enjoy each ...

Have A Classic Movie Night

As much as we all love a Mean Girls night, wouldn’t it be fun to mix it up? A Smart Girl appreciates the film classics: old and new. Older movies take you back into another time ...