Classic Fanatic

I for one absolutely love to read. Any book, any genre, I’ll pick it up and see what it’s about. However, it seems to me that teens these days are so hooked on YA literature ...

Stress Free Prom

Hey Smart Girls! Tis the season for PROM! I know I know, this could be the most stressful time of the year, but it totally should not be. Prom is a time when you express ...

Beat The Breakup Blues

Whether you are the dumper, the dumpee, or it was a mutual call, ending a relationship is never an enjoyable process. I mean let’s be real, nobody likes when chapters of life end, especially relationships. ...

Trade Failure for Success

Have you ever wondered why people set themselves up for what seems like utter failure? Well this past winter sport season, I unknowingly did that to myself. Although it took me the entire swim season ...

Share Your Smiles

Hey Smart Girls! I hope you’re having a wonderful month and that you’re still following through on those New Year’s Resolutions (don’t give up quite yet!) Did you know that you could literally give somebody ...