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Joining Forces

  When disasters, such as wars or natural disasters, break out, we often think of them isolated to just the area in which they occurred.  That doesn’t always happen, though.  Conflicts and unrest can spread ...
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A Historic Phone Call

Relations between the United States and the Islamic Republic of Iran have been strained since the 1970s and no formal diplomatic relations have existed since then.  To make a long story short, Iran (then known ...
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"I'm a Girl"

Living in New York City, I see a multitude of advertisements on a daily basis, many of which stress the perceived importance of physical “beauty” and what a beautiful girl or woman truly looks like. ...
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Half the Sky

Hi, Smart Girls! My name is Kate Labonte and this is my first post on the Loop and I’m so excited to be joining such an innovative and empowering community.  I’m a sophomore at Fordham ...