Stay Fresh

It’s hard to believe that we have entered the fifth month of the year, isn’t it? If there’s anything I think about it, it’s that fifth is fresh! May flowers are officially booming and summer ...

The Ranking

[Photo via] This semester is halfway over, and reflecting on it, it’s been extremely challenging, but even more rewarding. I’ve had to balance classes, a key role in a pre-professional organization at school, and an ...

The Friend Frenzy

(Photo via) They say that honesty is the best policy. But Smart Girls, we know that it’s hard to be honest to the people we care about, especially if our words are constructive. I love ...

Winning Wardrobe

They say that college is some of the “best years of your lives,” and there’s no doubt that no matter where you go, your experience is unique and tons of fun! You make new friends, ...


  The holidays are upon us, Smart Girls, and while we’re prancing away with the cheer and delicious seasonal Starbucks drinks, December can actually be kind of stressful. As school breaks approach, we have to ...

Counting on your Cash

School is in full swing by now, Smart Girls, and you’re probably worrying about how much money you’ll have to save and spend for the rest of the year. Let’s face it – nobody wants ...

World Travelers

Living in New York City for college has proven to me the cliché statement that “the city is your campus.” I might’ve rolled my eyes when I heard this at first, but it’s kind of ...