Book Review: Lean In

In last week’s post, I discussed the idea of knowing you are powerful. If any of you read it, you know it was inspired by Sheryl Sandberg’s book, Lean In. To say it’s the new cult ...

Know You Are Powerful

Inspired by Sheryl Sandberg’s book, Lean In. One of the hardest things for a female to admit is that she is powerful. We’re not used to being in such a position, and so we shy away ...

A Life Lesson from Lilly P

I believe we can all attest to the fact that throughout Lilly Pulitzer Rousseau’s long life, she inspired hundreds of thousands of individuals and built an iconic brand of that will be worn for generations ...

Choosing Happiness

  Thank you Kate Petrik of Serendipity Photography for the stunning photo! Recently, someone asked me why I was part of the Smart Girls Group, why I constantly use exclamation points, and why I don’t ...

The Golden Rule

 Hey Smart Girls, it’s me, Quincy! I very recently found myself in a little bit of drama. This isn’t a position I usually find myself in, but the other person involved was obviously very upset ...

Be a Best Friend

Smart Girls are always good, kind and respectful to others, especially to strangers but also toward our best friends! There are people you’ve known your whole life: the Blair to your Serena if you will. There’s ...