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Flu Vaccine

The flu vaccine, known to work poorly against influenza, isn’t helping in Europe, either. British health officials estimate that it had protected about 3 percent of those vaccinated. Flu viruses constantly change and in any ...
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Knoxville Rally

As the Tennessee legislature began a new session on January 13th,  Knoxville women organized a women’s rights rally at the state capitol. Elizabeth Porter and Gina Farris, from Knoxville, organized of the Women’s March on ...
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UN Women’s Rights

In January 2015, the governments of Iceland and Suriname hosted a high-level conference designated to change the way men and boys think and engage in discussions about gender equality.  Up to 400 people participated in the Barbershop ...
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Disney Outbreak

Many of the cases linked to measles in California have been linked to traces in Disneyland and California Adventure Park. Measles is a highly contagious, respiratory disease that begins with a fever that lasts for ...