Celebrities With Degrees

We often look at celebrities as pretty faces that we see in movies, TV shows, and magazines. Some have proven themselves to really be just that; when interviewed and asked not-so-easy questions, they have responded ...

Robert Gates' "Duty"

On January 14th, former Secretary of Defense Robert Gates released a memoir of his time at the White House titled Duty. Despite the title of the book, critics are questioning whether it was really Gates’ ...
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Miss America 2014

On September 15th, Nina Davuluri was crowned Miss American 2014 and became the first Miss America of Indian descent. The 24 year old hails from Syracuse, New York, though she lived in Oklahoma for much ...
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Scoop on Selfies

  “Look at my outfit of the day!” “Here I am drinking my Starbucks Frappuccino!” “How cool do I look in my sunglasses, Apple earphones, and kissy face? “Check out me and my best friend ...
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Malala's Journey

Malala Yousafzai knows the importance of being a Smart Girl. As a 16-year-old Pakistani school student, she has spent much of her teenaged life as an activist for education and women’s rights. Her activism has ...