Easy Ways to Save Your Money

Being young can lead to carelessly spending money. Saving money is vital to becoming an independent woman, so we recommend you open up a savings account with your bank and follow these tips on saving ...

School's Out – Now What?

So, school’s out. If you aren’t old enough to have a job, or if things just didn’t work out and you aren’t working at an internship or anything like that, summer can get pretty boring ...

Club Fundraisers

Unfortunately, money doesn’t grow on trees.  Fundraising is essential to the existence of most high school clubs.  While some fundraisers rake in the cash, others fail to attract any interest.  Considering how important money is ...
Current Affairs

A New Minimum

  “What every American wants is a paycheck that lets them support their families, know a little economic security, pass down some hope and optimism to their kids. And that’s worth fighting for.” – President ...