Money Makers!

No matter what year you are in school, you’re probably wondering how you’re going to pay off your post-secondary school. Even if you get a hefty scholarship, there are still other expenses to be paid ...

Post-Holiday Budgeting

Hey Smart Girls! Now that the holiday season has ended, and we’re back in the full swing of school I’m here to share some post-holiday budgeting tips with you. With the doom and gloom of ...

Babysitting 101

Babysitting. It’s the classic way to earn a couple extra bucks to spend on the weekend. But who says it can’t be more than that? I personally wanted a job this year, but I knew ...

Coding Is Cool

Today computer programing is like a superpower. We all know the big tech superstars like Facebook, Dropbox, Twitter, Apple and so many more. But what most of us don’t recognize is that their products stem ...