Money Makers!

No matter what year you are in school, you’re probably wondering how you’re going to pay off your post-secondary school. Even if you get a hefty scholarship, there are still other expenses to be paid ...

Post-Holiday Budgeting

Hey Smart Girls! Now that the holiday season has ended, and we’re back in the full swing of school I’m here to share some post-holiday budgeting tips with you. With the doom and gloom of ...

See Your Money

Hi there Smart Girls! I hope all is well with you ladies and that the 2014 is lovely, thus far. One of my resolutions this year to stick to my budgets as much as possible ...

Babysitting 101

Babysitting. It’s the classic way to earn a couple extra bucks to spend on the weekend. But who says it can’t be more than that? I personally wanted a job this year, but I knew ...

Coding Is Cool

Today computer programing is like a superpower. We all know the big tech superstars like Facebook, Dropbox, Twitter, Apple and so many more. But what most of us don’t recognize is that their products stem ...