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This Week in Sports

  With March Madness and the Masters coming to a close recently, many sports fans are switching gears as they prepare for this weeks upcoming sporting events. Sports fans are making the transition from March ...
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Smart Movies: Woman in Gold

Movie: Woman in Gold Release Date: April 1st 2015 Bechdel Test: Pass   Summed Up Based on a true story, Woman in Gold is centred around Maria Altmann, (Helen Mirren) a Jewish octogenarian who fled from her home ...

10 Facts About Royal Families

A monarchy as a style of government once prevailed as the preferred type of rule in countries around the world. Gradually, monarchies began to lose their appeal and democracies rose in popularity. In many countries ...
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March Madness Contained

March Madness is the goal of all College basketball players, both men and women players. It is a month long tournament that begins with the best players of each conference. It begins with 64 teams ...

The Exception, Not the Rule

It was recently announced that Ghostbusters was being remade with a female cast of our favorite funny women. People have taken to social media to describe how progressive and fantastic our movie business has become ...