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Making A Change On The Road

Meet Katherine Wu. Katherine is currently a freshman in high school, who recently won second place in the 2014 Discovery Education 3M Young Scientist Challenge. She created a prototype that programs body changes in order ...
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Derek Jeter Goes Digital

Captain Clutch has officially decided to stretch his talents even further by entering into the digital world of blogging. After retiring from his lengthy career as a Bronx Bomber, the famed Yankee player Derek Jeter ...
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Social Media and the White House

The recent media storm promoting, including commercials, selfies with celebrities, and talk show appearances, solidifies the Obama Administration’s role as a pop culture presidency.  This phenomenon is not merely limited to Affordable Care Act ...

Leaving HIV Behind

Above is an artwork depiction of an HIV virus attacking a cell. Quite aesthetically pleasing, although very detrimental for a body to undergo. HIV has plagued the human race for a long time. It is an acronym for human ...