Gap Year

Smart Girls, I am twenty three years old and I am a month shy of completing my gap year. According to Merriam-Webster, a gap year is a year that you spend traveling, working, etc. before ...

Face Your Fears

This is advice that everyone, at some place and some time, has given to someone. They always mean well, but that advice is a lot easier to give than to take. So what is that ...

#GEARUP for Camping

Next week I am leaving behind my friends and family to go backpacking in the Appalachian mountains. For twelve days. With a group of total strangers. Without cabins, running water, or makeup of any sort. ...

Social Break!

Happy Spring Break Ladies! With all this snow and cold weather, it’s ironically refreshing to be enjoying warmer weather. Spring Break comes with a lot of social events for some of us and for others ...