All About Primers

Primers are a relatively new addition to the beauty cabinet and beauty regime. I for one, had no idea exactly what they were, or their necessity until I invested in my own and did a ...

Skin Care 911

Even though you’re already a flawless Smart girl, you might just go ahead and put pounds of makeup on anyway. Be careful though, your daily skincare routine can be putting your skin at even more ...

Turn Beauty Inside Out

This year May 21 is Turn Beauty Inside Out Day. The TBIO campaign is focused on counterbalancing the negative and unhealthy images of women seen in the media and creating positive definitions of beauty that ...

Style Blogs You Must Read

With Spring finally upon us, its time we start cleaning out our closets of heavy winter clothes and start filling them with dresses and skirts! If you’re wondering what new trends are in this season, ...

Bold Lips

Hey smart girls! Spring and summer are upon us, and so are new makeup trends! Bold lips have been making a statement on red carpets and beauty gurus everywhere. Whether you want to go all ...

How to: Be Beautiful

Every girl wants a ten step guide on how to look beautiful, but as we all know, that isn’t possible. Sure, it’s partly because there isn’t one set definition of beauty, but it’s also because ...

Beauty Comes with a Cost

Countless times I have gazed into the mirror wishing that I looked different. I always used to think that if I could just be prettier then everything would be better. However, beauty does bring some ...

Gel Blushes

The winter is infamous for making skin dry, and dry skin can equal cakey makeup. I love to look for products in the winter that are light and will make my skin look dewy. A ...