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How To: Dress Like Rachel Green

Ever since it started in the late 90’s, the well-known television show Friends has touched the hearts of many. Whether it was because of the fashion, the comedy, or the heart of each character—this show will ...

Bargain Shopping 101

The word “bargain” has a very negative connotation around it, but honestly it’s an awesome word and should be linked to an awesome meaning. I love love love bargain shopping and honestly I cannot remember ...

All About Primers

Primers are a relatively new addition to the beauty cabinet and beauty regime. I for one, had no idea exactly what they were, or their necessity until I invested in my own and did a ...

Talk Trendy To Me

This season nearly everyone has something they want to say, only they’re not voicing their statements they’re wearing them. Seen on runways and fashionistas around the world, statement pieces are a huge trend this Fall. The ...
How To

Hair Curling Tips

Hello Smart Girls! Lucy-Claire from here, ready to share some of my tips with you about curling your hair, and how to keep looking after it too. I curl my hair at least 2-3 ...

Fall Trends To Fall In Love With

Hi Smart Girls! Every year, every season ushers in a new set of stylish trends for fashion lovers to follow. I’m back with five fabulous Fall trends plus where you can shop them for prices ...