Kalimera Santorini!

One of the Cycladic Islands off the south-east coast of Greece, Santorini is the home of the white-washed, blue domed paradise that springs to mind whenever I think of the country. The island itself is ...
How To

Chic on the Cheap

Hey Smart Girls! Just like most girls, I love to shop. I’m one of those people who find themself making a B-line for the designer brands wherever I am. Living in a small town sometimes ...

Hello to Neoprene

Hello everyone, this is my first post on the loop! First, I thought I would introduce myself. My name is Anne and I am an incoming sophomore in college who is majoring in apparel merchandising! ...
Food & Drink

Choice Diets

Hey Smart Girls! It’s Montana here! I hope all of you wonderful smart girls are still being you awesome selves in everything you choose to do. I found out about a month ago (a month ...

Winter and Springtime Fun

Hi Smart Girls! Good morning from Miami! I am currently in Florida for the BCS National Championship game of Notre Dame vs. Alabama! I am so excited for the game tonight as it is going ...
High School

Christmas Bucket List

With with Christmas right around the corner and Thanksgiving already here, things are going to become crazy quickly.  Here are 25 Things To Do Before Christmas.   1. Christmas Shopping for Friends and Family. This is ...