Food & Drink


Fresh Summer Desserts!

This summer is promising to be a hot one, hopefully filled with beach trips, stay-cations, and some fun concerts. Staying healthy and refreshed is the ultimate goal. Ice cream might be cold but nothing’s more ...

Pre & Post Workout

“You only get out of it what you put into it” as the saying goes.. But that doesn’t only refer to your work ethic; it can also be applied to your eating habits before and ...

Spring Smoothies

Summer is quickly approaching and coffee and tea are just a total drab. As the humidity percentage rises, so does your want for a light, cold, and refreshing drink!   The Pink Smoothie It tastes ...

Dealing With ED

My friend used to have a difficult relationship with a guy named ED. We both hated ED, and eventually he was terminated completely, never to enter our lives again. Initially, however, my friend wasn’t even ...

Best Health Apps!

With phones becoming ever more important in our lives, its a good thing that there are so many great apps available which help make our lives easier and enhance our health! Today I want to ...