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Choice Diets

Hey Smart Girls! It’s Montana here! I hope all of you wonderful smart girls are still being you awesome selves in everything you choose to do. I found out about a month ago (a month ...

Smart Girls Love Their Body

We all have our moments of self-doubt. Suddenly, you stop working out and your favorite jeans are a little bit more snug. So you wear leggings instead, all while wondering if other people notice that ...

Got Stress?

Now that the school year is in full swing, everyone’s schedule is pretty busy. Between dealing with schoolwork, sports, friends, family, and relationships, life can get stressful. That’s okay! Don’t be afraid to admit to ...

Fun Summer Workouts

Hey Smart Girls, it’s Montana. I know I personally love working out whenever I can, wherever I can, especially during the summer. So here are a few workout tips straight from my personal workouts. Abs: ...