An Open Letter…to Women

Female-Empowerment world changer is someone very unique. She has amazing talents, different from everyone else. She is passionate, and from just one conversation with her, you’ll catch on to her passion as well. She is hopeful, ambitious to go somewhere and make something out of her life. She is beautiful both inside and out, in every size, in every embarrassing laugh, in every act of kindness.

By now you may be thinking,  “Who is this worldchanger? She sounds pretty awesome to me.”

The world changer of the week is….YOU. Yes, you.

                History has deflated women for too long. We’ve lived in oppression for centuries, desiring the same equal rights of men. We’ve been conditioned to believe that we are not good enough, that the only job we are good enough for is raising children and cooking meals.

Society has defined women as sex objects, merely a toy to be used. Our purpose has been hidden away by the lure of flat stomachs, thigh gaps, and the perfect red lipstick. As little girls we watched the story of Cinderella and dreamed of a beautiful ball gown and a Prince Charming to dance with. Reality has habituated the thought that this isn’t for us, it is for someone else, someone prettier, and someone more successful. We’ve come to accept the lonely Friday nights and the constant feelings of emptiness.

You were NOT designed to be a wallflower. For Heaven’s sake, your talents and qualities are enough to cause a whole room to stop and stare, if you’d let them see that side of you. You have the potential to change the world, and anyone who tells you less of this promise is not worthy of your time. Dream big. Adore mastery. Create something you would be proud of.  Live an adventure worthy of telling your grandkids one day. Take risks. Break societal norms. Fall, and get back up again. You are a world changer, and you have the promise of the women who came before you, echoing their story into your heart. Go and do something great.

Julia Schemmer

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