Smart Girl Special: An Interview With Patrick Maina Wambui

Recently, I met an incredible person at my local church named Patrick Maina Wambui. When I met him, I was instantly warmed by his heart towards international issues and for people. A KenyanPatrick Maina Wambui native and an American immigrant, Wambui is an active advocate against human trafficking and injustice that he witnessed firsthand in his home country. I recently I had the opportunity to interview him, and just from his answers, you’ll be inspired by his contagious spirit!

Q: How is your experience in America different than your former residence in Kenya? What is the biggest difference between America and Kenya? What is the biggest similarity?

A: My experience in America is totally different from Kenya. There are many differences that I can cite for you but the major one is the quality of life and the accessibility of services to the people. The biggest difference between Kenya and America is like I said earlier, the quality of life and the way the government are accountable to their people. In America the government is more accountable than in Kenya. The biggest similarity is that the people in both countries are very hard working

Q: What empowered you to go into motivational speaking? How did you realize that was your calling?

A: Growing up I was very shy and I could not even speak in front of one person but as I grew up in Mathare Valley (the second biggest slum in Kenya) I realized the hopelessness that surrounded me and that I was determined to get out. When I finally got out, I knew that God wanted to use my story to touch other lives and that’s why I found out that this is my calling and got into it.

Q: What do you believe is the biggest issue that America faces today? What do you believe is the biggest issue that Kenya faces?

A: The biggest issue that America faces today is moving away from the foundation that the forefathers of this great nation built it. This is a nation whose foundation is God but every day we see it moving further away from God and that should be an issue of concern to everyone that loves this country. My heart is heavy for the generations that will come after us. The biggest issue that Kenya is facing right now is hopelessness. For so long the people have suffered until they got to a point of accepting it as a way of life. Of late we have been under attack from terrorists and grenades have been exploding in different parts of the country, even in churches and i feel that people are just living in fear.

Q: How do you believe cultural awareness will change the world?

A: Cultural awareness is really important because it helps people appreciate other different cultures from them and in turn learn new ways of solving problems that they undergo. This will help in strengthening brotherhood of nations and make it easier for nations to work together and solve the many problems that plague our mother earth and together nothing will be impossible for us.

Thank you so much, Patrick, for coming out and speaking to the Smart Girls Group!

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– Julia Schemmer

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