Climate March


The People’s Climate March in Central Park had been filled with people trying to raise the awareness on water issues. The streets of New York were filled with thousands of people who have a spirited look on the environment. There were expected to be 100,000 participants, yet more than 300,000 showed up.


Many prominent leaders came as well. From elected officials from the United States to actor Leonardo DiCaprio, these eco-friendly supporters of global change have enabled an opportunity during the United Nations climate summit to discuss pressing issues ultimately about the world. It is said they are to debate any environmental issues including carbon pollution.

This New York rally had set off a concern about how and where we live. More than 1,000 groups filled Central Park before the march began. There were different communities involved in the march, such as the scientific community and the religious community. Students also came out to support the cause in accordance to their future and how they plan on continuing their lives. They see the importance in living on their grandparents foundations.

Based on the New York Times, Secretary of State John Kerry, “convened a meeting of foreign minister of the 17-member Major Economies Forum, focused on climate change, and Todd Stern, the chief United States climate change negotiator, held back-to back meetings throughout the day.”march

He wanted the focus to be on climate change, not the other events occurring in the world such as Ebola or, “insurgent terrorists in Iraq.”

The climate march was a time in which people could show their support for the importance of the advancements of climate change.

 -Sarah Mae Martin

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