Renewables replacing nuclear? Go Scotland!


In Summation

During the Scottish referendum in September, there was a lot of talk about what England would do with all its nuclear resources stored up North if Scotland had won independence. For years nuclear energy has been one of Scotland’s top power sources, and gives power and light to homes and businesses throughout the region. While Scottish independence is not happening — so England doesn’t have to worry about moving nuclear materials back south of the border at least — nuclear energy is still not a sustainable, environmentally healthy, practice for Scotland. While it has been necessary in times past to provide Scotland’s residents with energy, now, a new, better source of energy has emerged: renewable energy, the cleanest form of energy we know of so far.

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For the first time ever, renewable energy produced more power for Scotland than nuclear, coal, or gas combined, according to BusinessGreen, a watchdog group for environmental conscientiousness, and we think that’s pretty cool. Analysis by Scottish Renewables, a trade body, showed that renewable energy produced nearly one-third more power than the other, dirtier forms of energy.

But what exactly is renewable energy?

Renewable energy is energy that can be reproduced by the environment (making it a super green and helpful practice for our planet) such as sunlight, wind, light, wind, rain, ocean tides, and geothermal heat. Niall Stewart, CEO of Scottish Renewables, said the figures marked a “historic moment” in the renewable industry, and this helps Scotland along in its mission to generate 100% of the country’s electricity from renewable sources in 2020 (which is just awesome — GO SCOTLAND!). “This important milestone is good news for anyone who cares about Scotland’s economy, our energy security and our efforts to tackle climate change” said Stewart. (If you needed another reason to visit Scotland — which you probably totally didn’t — but here’s another one, because if you visit you’ll be supporting a green economy, and that’s totally a Smart Girl choice.)

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Looking Forwards

Perhaps someday renewable energy will even replace nuclear power — which not only will allay England’s concerns but will make Scotland another super awesome, green country. And hat’s really cool.

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