The Exception, Not the Rule


ghostbusters-castIt was recently announced that Ghostbusters was being remade with a female cast of our favorite funny women. People have taken to social media to describe how progressive and fantastic our movie business has become and how show business is now equal. People also went on the offensive and attacked Hollywood and the casting directors for “ruining a classic” by remaking it with women. The casting choices had a lot of feedback ranging from excitement to anger but overall people were generally amused by the idea of recasting the movie with female comedians. However we must remember that this is the exception not the rule. Women are still being stifled and treated unfairly within showbiz and one movie involving an all female cast does not end any of that.


tumblr_lqjrzdOyBP1qk0j55o1_r3_250The fabulous Meryl Streep gave an interview where she discussed the fact that as male actors age, they are still given entertaining and powerful characters to portray. They are given the roles of Mob Bosses, CEOs, Politicians, Bachelors and War Heroes. However Meryl mentions that the week she turned 40 she received four different scripts asking her to play a wicked witch. It’s a bit redundant to state that the standard set for females in Hollywood is unrealistic, everyone knows this even the actresses themselves. Show business has come a long way in its acceptance of female power and talent and its respect for those qualities. However we cannot forget that women are still being slighted within a business that they should have equal room to shine.


patricia-clarkson-patricia-clarkson-why-are-comedic-parts-for-womenOne thing that continues to be lost is the idea that women can be funny, and that a woman’s ability to make you laugh is as much a talent as her ability to make you cry. We have seen men nominated for Oscars when they portray comedic characters. Men like Leonardo Dicaprio, Jack Nicholson, Kevin Spacey, and Tom hanks are all men who are consistently praised for their comedic skills, regardless of whether it’s dark or light. Where are the smart, charismatic, and funny roles for women that will also land them an Oscar nomination. The only female who has proved to be taken seriously for her wit and her dramatic talents has been Jennifer Lawrence, but there should be many more females recognized. This recasting of Ghostbusters will hopefully continue the progress we have made for our favorite funny ladies. However we cannot think that just because Tina Fey and Amy Poehler get asked to host award shows, that this means our work is finished.

Tiffany Alves

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Tiffany Alves

Tiffany attends Suffolk University in the beautiful city Boston and is Majoring in Politics, Law, and the Courts, and Minoring in Sociology. She recently returned from studying abroad in Madrid, Spain where she had the opportunity to visit 9 different countries. She plans to graduate in spring of 2016 and pursue a Masters Degree in Human Rights before attending Law School. Current events and Global issues are her passion, along with music, movies and Dunkin Donuts iced coffee.