Hillary Clinton Announces Her Campaign


The Moment We’ve Been Waiting For


Hillary Clinton’s bid in the 2016 presidential race was probably the worst kept secret in politics.  Before she had even made her bid official, Ready For Hillary, a grassroots movement started two years ago, was raking in the donations and public support.  The whispers and rumours began when Ms. Clinton’s time as Secretary of State under President Obama ended — Secretary Clinton had made it clear that she would serve a full term, but not a second — with many wondering what would come next for the distinguished politician and diplomat.

300px-Sen._Hillary_Clinton_2007_denoiseOn April 12th, 2015, the whispers turned to cheers as her bid for the presidency became official.  Just days before, John Podesta, her adviser, had sent emails to veterans of her 2008 campaign announcing that she was in.  This was shortly followed by an official Twitter announcement, as well as a video outlining the platform of “Hillary for America.”





First Lady, Senator, Secretary of State, and so Much More

Secretary Clinton is a graduate of Wellesley College and Yale Law School.  After working in the legal world for several years (Congressional legal counsel, and partner at Rose Law Firm, to name a few examples), she married Bill Clinton.  As First Lady of Arkansas, Ms. Clinton worked tirelessly to reform Arkansas’s education system.  As First Lady of the United States, Ms. Clinton, she focused her policy initiatives on children and families, such as adoption and foster parent procedures and improved health insurance for children.  While she did come under fire during the Whitewater Scandal involving President Clinton and Monica Lewinsky, this did not prevent her from becoming the first woman from New York elected to the United States Senate in 2000.  As Senator, Ms. Clinton distinguished herself in terms of foreign policy and military action, while also being against many of President Bush’s domestic policies.  She narrowly lost the nomination of the Democratic Party for the 2008 presidential campaign, but later became Secretary of State under President Obama.  450px-Obama_and_Biden_await_updates_on_bin_Laden

She is the most widely travelled Secretary of State, combined military power with diplomacy for her policy tactics, consistently supported women’s empowerment abroad, and actively utilised social media to communicate American foreign policy to the public.  She is the author of five books and has never stopped advocating for women’s rights and empowerment, as well as “smart power” foreign policy, through the Clinton Foundation and beyond.


Now What?

Given her distinguished career, Ms. Clinton is a highly respected individual in the eyes of Democrats, and even some Republicans.  She left her position as Secretary of State with high approval ratings and continues to be the overwhelming favourite for the Democratic nomination.  Secretary Clinton does have issues to work through, though, such as her role in the 2012 attacks on US consulate personnel in Benghazi, Libya, the supposed-stigma of a presidential dynasty, and recent issues involving her use of personal email and the source of donations to the Clinton Foundation.  These issues, however, do not detract from her viability and potential to be an excellent President of the United States.  Her advocacy for women, children and families, at home and abroad is notable, and she has considerable experience in the legal world, the legislature, and foreign policy.  Hillary Clinton is a Smart Girl because she is not afraid to break down barriers and stand up for what she believes in.  To quote her campaign video, “Everyday Americans need a champion.  And I want to be that champion.”

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