Rebekah Runs to Take Back Her Life

Rebekah Gregory Dimartino

Wounded Rebekah GregoryTwo years ago Rebekah Gregory Dimartino was one of the many injured in the Boston Bombing and has since struggled to regain her strength and faith. After 17 surgeries in which her doctors tirelessly tried to help, Rebekah had her leg amputated in November. However she still found a way to participate in this years Boston Marathon. Two years after the terrorist attack Rebekah trained and participated in the Run. Although she was not able to run all 26 miles, her doctors allowed her to run 3.2 miles. Each mile symbolized a month of learning to walk on her new prosthetic.

Rebekah GregoryRebekah also testified last month at the trial of Dzhokhar Tsarnaev. Her emotional testimony was followed up by a strong letter posted to her Facebook page in which she states that she had finally received closure and that Tsarnaev’s attempt to break her and countless others had “only made her stronger”. On April 8th, he was convicted of all 30 counts he had been charged with and was recently sentenced to death.

Boston Marathon BombingThroughout life we are tested by numerous events that impact every aspect of who we are. Rebekah’s journey is a testament of not only the strength of the human spirit but how important love and support is during difficult times. When someone we know is faced with a difficult challenge or a heartbreaking situation we sometimes fear that our support will be labeled as smothering. Rebekah turned a tremendously painful situation into a way to find her inner strength and to be a voice for others. However there is no doubt that without the support of her fans, family, and friends her journey would have been infinitely more difficult. Strength and perseverance go hand in hand with support from others and are a vital combination. Regardless of what path you are on in life, you will be faced with challenges that will test your moral fiber, your faith in others and your faith in yourself. Choosing to fight and persevere will not always be easy, but doing the necessary steps to take back your life will always be worth it.

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