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Amy Schumer has recently become our new feminist funny girl within the last few months and continues to deliver hilarious comments about women’s issues. Her ability to combine comedy and feminism created an outlet for her that not only makes people laugh but also makes them think. Comedy Central was primarily known as a network for men who wanted a good laugh. However, with women like Amy Schumer crushing ratings and the success of Broad City, things might be changing.


From her famous sketch addressing inaccessible birth control to her quotes in the “Hollywood Reporter’s” article. Amy Schumer is proving that you can be more than one woman and that women can be funny but also serious. She uses gender stereotypes and turns them into sketches filled with biting sarcasm and irony that makes you truly realize the absurdity of many things females experience daily. Her famous acceptance speech at the Gloria Awards and Gala was beautifully confident and promoted self love in a way that was unapologetic. Amy bravely talked about her transition from a lost college freshman to a strong funny woman and spoke out against those who would like her to feel insecure, “I say if I’m beautiful. I say if I’m strong. You will not determine my story — I will”. She understands how important women’s issues are and wants to incorporate that into her comedy in order to reach an audience that may have been passive prior to hearing her.

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There is an all too familiar trend of people wanting women to stay in their place, stay quiet, or make themselves less. There is this narrative that a woman can be “too much” because she takes up too much space and challenges the space that men are so freely given in conversation.We are taught daily that men would never want a girlfriend who is so intimidating or so bossy. When a man is labeled intimidating it is synonymous with strength, dominance, and sexiness. However when a woman is labeled intimidating it is almost always synonymous with loud, crass, and overwhelming. Many girls want to discuss issues that affect women but fear being labeled “too serious”, with Amy Schumer as an example, it proves a woman can be both. She wants women to understand that the labels given to you by others do not define you and you do not need to wear them. You can label yourself and love yourself without fear of who fears you. Your self worth is not determined by the opinions of the men in your life or the women who feel the need to dismantle your confidence to give themselves a boost. I relate to Amy Schumer in a way that I know many other girls do. She is beautiful, she is strong, she is funny, so am I and so are you.

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