How Do I Wear Mixed Prints?


Most people are not afraid of wearing a bold print every once in a while but the thought of multiple prints together may have seemed too daring. Mixing prints can be difficult as the line between edgy and tacky feels pretty thin when it comes to styling this trend. But never fear, we at Smart Girls Group are here to help with tips and tricks to incorporate mixed patterns into your style arsenal.


Treat some patterns as solids: Simple, graphic prints such as stripes, houndstooth, and polka dots can be easily paired with almost any pattern without appearing too busy. And as an added bonus, they also look great when layered together.




Image via The Fashion Tag

Image via The Fashion Tag


Mix patterns that share a color: Pairing items that share a color or are within the same color family can really help pull your outfit together. The shared component adds an element of cohesion to an otherwise busy outfit.




Image via Antoine Patton

Image via Antoine Patton

Wear the same print in a different color: A print will without a doubt match itself, so why not pair floral with floral and plaid with plaid? Wearing one of your items in a contrasting color adds edginess to your look and creates a striking effect.





Style the same print in a different size: Just like wearing the same pattern in a different color, wearing the same print on a different scale helps the overall feel of the outfit.

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