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Andrea Miller for Smart Girls Group and Chloe + Isabel

Andrea Miller for Smart Girls Group and Chloe + IsabelAndrea Miller is the definition of a girl who’s got it all going on. A senior at University of Wisconsin – Green Bay, she will be completing her Bachelors of Business Administration with an emphasis in Marketing and a minor in Spanish and Latin American Studies and International Business in just 3 years. On top of all that, she is one of Chloe + Isabel’s top sellers through their GEM Merchandising program.

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What attracted you to the GEM program?

First of all, it is tailored to my busy schedule. The opportunity is a great way to work when you want to and as hard as you want to. Being in school and having another job limits my time, but I am allowed to have one pop up or five in one month, whatever works for me. I love having a group of girls by my side as well, knowing that there will always be someone cheering me on and encouraging me to do my best.

How is your work as a GEM relevant to your business education?

While I was at Flock Together, an event that brought Merchandisers together for a lesson on maximizing your c+i business, I was hearing so many things that I had learned about in my classes. Everything that GEM teaches me is relevant to the real world because it is the real world, and it is enhancing my education in the process.

What are some of your top tips for time management and just generally getting things done?

I love to make lists! They puts everything into perspective and I love to think with the end in mind. When working on Chloe + Isabel, I need to manage my time very wisely so it does not interfere with my studies. I like to set a couple hours aside a week where I can just work on my business. I think by setting aside the time and not just doing it when I have some spare time helps me to realize that my time is valuable.

Andrea Miller of Chloe + Isabel for Smart Girls Group

What do you think is the most important characteristic to possess in order to be successful?

To be successful you need determination, perseverance, a kind heart, and a desire to continue learning.

Where is your ideal travel location?

I would have to say that Austria would be my ideal travel location. I am a huge Sound of Music fan and I love the history behind it, so to be able to travel there and see everywhere the movie was made would be incredible.

How has your life affected your fashion?

I grew up in Milwaukee, Wisconsin and my parents were never wealthy; we had enough but I wasn’t shopping at Hollister or Abercrombie when I was younger. My style developed from my trips to second hand stores like Goodwill and Plato’s Closet. I would scour the racks for clothes that no one else had. I am very frugal and do not like to spend my money stupidly so that has definitely affected my fashion. Fashion helped me to find myself.

Andrea Miller of Chloe + Isabel for Smart Girls Group

How do you stay motivated?

I do not compare anyone’s success to mine. Everyone has a different situation and overall different life. It is like comparing apples to cucumbers. I am constantly motivated because I am not successful yet. Many people would stop me and say that I am very successful but I have not completed all my goals yet, therefore I do not think I am as successful as I can be. Every day I see that I can do more in my life to reach my goals. I can talk to new people, read more books, and just generally learn more.

What do you think it means to be a Smart Girl?

To be a Smart Girl it means that you are always learning. You don’t wake up one day knowing everything but by living your life every day, being positive and having a bright outlook on life. I believe that I am a Smart Girl because I am driven and ambitious. In life, things are not always handed to you; you have to take what’s yours and go for the gold. Work hard, live smart, and be strong!

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Note: Pictures were taken by Emily Piantek

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