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Hey, Smart Girls! I recently made a move from  Connecticut to Texas with nothing but my personal belongings and a bed. The challenge I’ve been facing is how to create an entirely new bedroom on a budget! Perhaps some of y’all are in the same boat, so I thought I’d do a post on what I’m utilizing to add some personality to my room.

1. “Coffee Table” Books

It was a bittersweet day when I found out my local Borders was going out of business; I love picking up new books but I also LOVE a bargain! Not only are these great reads, but they’re an easy way display my interests to others.

2. An Accent Chair

When my mom picked this up for me at our local HomeGoods store, I almost cried! This is a beautiful/comfortable Cynthia Rowley that sits in the corner of my room. I’ll usually pull it closer to my bed, sit down and put my feet up on my mattress while perusing the Internet. It adds so much to my room and shows off my personality!









3. Antique Artwork

I found this in Martha’s Vineyard at an antique store for only $12. There’s tons of different colors in it, so if I ever get bored of my room, this piece can still be incorporated. I was initially attracted to it because it reminded me of a color wheel, but now I adore it because no one else has anything like it!

4. Quirky Knick-Knacks

Meet the newest addition to my room, someone I’d like to call the Princess Fund of Target! It’s a little silly looking, and probably not meant for a 16-year-old, but not only does it encourages me to save money and hey, who doesn’t want to be a princess sometimes?



Moral of the story? There are numerous ways to update your room, whether with something as big as a chair or little as a photograph. Don’t be afraid to play with color! When I look around my room, I see shapes, designs, and things that make me happy. Good luck, ladies!

Quincy Bulin

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