A Keepsake for your Keepsakes


Good Morning Smart Girls!

This past weekend I was looking through my Pinterest (My favorite website!), and I came across this great idea for a memory jar! It is very easy to make and decorate however you want, and is a perfect way to keep all your special memories. You can put whatever you want in the jar, or box, whichever you prefer, that was memorable to you. This is great for high school or college memories, memories from the year, or whatever memorable keepsakes you would like to put in it!

Supplies Needed: An empty jar (or box, whatever you would like to use), puff or glass paint, a paintbrush, and whatever decorations you would like to decorate your jar or box with such as buttons, markers, stickers, ribbon, etc.

Here are some decorating ideas (all from Pinterest!):




That’s all for today Smart Girls! Stay tuned for more pinspiration posts!

-Claire :)


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