A New Kind of Wish List

Instead of creating a wish list this year, I am focusing on creating a winter break bucket list. A winter break bucket list is a great way to have fun throughout the holiday season, while also keeping track of your goals and accomplishments. This year, my main goal is to collect moments rather than material things; this goal inspired my winter break bucket list.

To create your winter break bucket list, think of all the things that are a part of all your holiday fantasies. What holiday movies make you crave adventure? What scenes in books do you long for in reality? Think of all the things you’ve seen in movies and read in books that you’ve always wished you could do, and make it your goal to do them (within reason, of course)!

Also consider your favorite traditions from your childhood, and how you could recreate them now. Did you used to love building gingerbread houses? Roll out some cookie dough and build your dream house. Did you used to build snowmen after the first snowfall of the year? Get your mittens on, and build the most elaborate snowman ever. winter

Think about what matters a lot to you, and what you’re most thankful for, then give it to someone else! Volunteering in the community is a great addition to your winter break bucket list. If you appreciate Christmas music, go caroling around town. If you’re thankful for the meals you get, volunteer at a soup kitchen. If you love the power of stories, volunteer to read a book aloud to children in your community.

For another part of your list, think about some of the things you and your friends and family have always wanted to do but have never gotten around to doing. Maybe you’ve talked about going skiing, and even bought a new pair of skis, but have been too afraid to try it. Maybe you’ve wanted to have a movie marathon since October and still haven’t taken the time to do so.

Finally, catch up on any work that you haven’t had the time to do while school was in session. Winter break is a time when you could apply for an internship, take a new class, or finish a college application. Or maybe you’ve been working on an art project that you haven’t completed yet or you’ve been waiting to read a new book. Take some time for yourself, and set aside some time to accomplish your goals.

The winter break bucket list can be whatever you want it to be. For me, it is a way to spend some quality time with my friends and family and accomplish any of the things I’ve always wanted to, as it will be my last Christmas as a high school student. For you, it may be something completely different. Either way, the key aspect of the winter break bucket list is completing it, rather than making it and not attempting to accomplish everything on it. Unlike a Christmas wish list, the amount that you get from a winter break bucket list is dependent on you. As someone who has made a lot of bucket lists but has struggled to finish them, my goal for winter break is to make a list and make it happen.


Happy holidays, Smart Girls!



Paige Sheffield

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