Those Days


     Those days.  Everyone has them.  Those days where nothing goes right and everything goes wrong.  Sometimes its a bad grade on a test, a fight with your friends, or maybe just a bunch of little events that leave you worn down.  Being in high school can sometimes make these days feel much worse.  Here are some important things to keep in mind to cheer yourself up when you have one of those days.


      It’s not all your fault.  Yes, sometimes there are things you could have done, like studying harder or not saying something that you shouldn’t have.  For the most part though, bad things that happen are out of your control. Sometimes getting through a bad day requires the ability to release control of the world around you.  There are so many factors outside of your control, that to try to reign them in and fix everything could lead to a worse.  Take a minute away from everything to calm and focus yourself.  The sooner you are able to let go of everything around you, the better and calmer you can feel.

Everything in life happens in a balance.  For all the bad things that happen to you, just as many good things could be right around the corner.  Even if it feels like the bad things won’t stop, and that bad day turns into a bad week, remember that a great day or a great week is somewhere in your horizon.  If you made some mistakes during your bad day, learn from them and use what you’ve learned to have a good day.  Optimism is key here.  Sometimes when you’re in the tunnel it’s hard to see the light on the other side, but know it’s there.  There is a good day coming for you, no matter how dark it may feel today.

     It’s always okay to talk about it.  Sometimes the best cure for a bad day is a good cup of coffee or tea and a good friend. Bad days are not endemic to you.  Everyone has them, so talking to someone about your bad day usually is a great cure. Whether they provide an ear to listen to you rant, or they give advice to help turn your day around, having a friend in your corner can make the day a little easier.  There is true strength in numbers when it comes to fighting the bad day monster.

     Smart Girls, everyone has those days, and some are worse than others.  The important thing to always keep in mind is that you will always be able to survive it.  You have amazing gifts and talents, and no bad day can ever bring you down! Keep your head up, and as always, Stay Smart!

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