Eating Healthy in the Dining Hall

Eating healthy in the dining hall can be a super hard thing to do! With so many options out there it can seem hard to settle for one thing, so you may grab a million. There are a couple of tips all smart girls can use to make sure that you are eating healthy in the dining hall. I hope you find these tips helpful.

I love water, do you?

I love water, do you?

1. Drink water: Water is great for you! Instead of heading for the soda fountains in the cafeteria go for a glass of water. Water is great because it helps fill you up a bit before your meal so that you don’t eat too much. It’s also just great for you. Make it habit to drink lots of water throughout the day! You will feel better and you also won’t have a bunch of empty calories in your diet!

2. Eat before you go for seconds: As a college student it’s easy to sit in the cafeteria with multiple plates of food before you. Don’t do that. Eat a plate and if you are still hungry, then go back for another plate. Sometimes it can be difficult to stop eating after you are full because you don’t want to be wasteful of food. If you are constantly gauging how full or not full you feel you will make better decisions. Just like you shouldn’t shop on an empty stomach, you shouldn’t get tons of plates on an empty stomach. It may be more convenient to get all your food at once, but you will thank yourself if you don’t!

3. Remember portion control: If you chose the right portion of food you can get away with more. Make sure that you are correctly portioning all of your food! It can be hard to do this in college, but remember that you don’t have to eat everything on the plate! If you got to big of a portion of whatever the item was, cut the item you had up into a portion that is better for you.

A great portion control chart to follow!

A great portion control chart to follow!

4. Consult a dietitian: Most campuses have dietitians on staff–especially with all the dietary concerns people face now. Consult a dietitian and let them know your concerns. They can usually provide some great information for you on how to eat healthier and even come up with meal plans for you! They are always super helpful, their job is to make sure that you are eating as healthy as you want to!

5. Eat good foods: When you are in line and you have the choice between a grilled chicken sandwich and a greasy burger–take the grilled chicken sandwich! There are so many small swaps you can make throughout the day–instead of fries eat a salad. Just consistently make these small swaps and they will become like second nature to you!



Amanda Cross

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