Club Fundraisers

Unfortunately, money doesn’t grow on trees.  Fundraising is essential to the existence of most high school clubs.  While some fundraisers rake in the cash, others fail to attract any interest.  Considering how important money is whether you are a service club, or funding a national tournament here are some ideas for effective fundraisers.

Gertrude Hawk chocolate bars

This is definitely one of the most successful and profitable fundraisers.  The chocolate bars are delicious, and an easy sell.  You order the bars through the company, and have students walk around with carriers of the bars to purchase.  With a low price of $1.00 per bar, the chocolate bars practically sell themselves.  My forensics team sold a whopping 75 carriers (with 48 bars per carrier) in less than two weeks.  The profit margins are great and the product is delicious.

Bake sales

These are a classic staple of high school fundraising.  Rather than a traditional chocolate chip cookie and brownie type of sale, think outside of the box.  One option is to use a theme whether it be Halloween, Valentine’s Day or Summer.  Another is to have everybody bring in a similar baked good, for example a sale with 15 different kinds of cookies.  The possibilities are endless, you just want to be creative.  Also, try make sure the baked goods are homemade because people are more likely to buy homemade products.  Even people who can’t cook to save their lives, myself included, can follow a basic recipe (or just get one of your more talented friends to bake more!).

Event tickets

If an event is being hosted at your school, try to sell tickets to raise funds.  At my school this year, the improv club had a show.  Since the improv club does not raise funds, my forensics team charged a $5 entrance fee for the event (obviously you must ask the other club nicely before showing up).  We raised over $600 with very little effort.  It’s definitely worth a shot.


This one is great because it is pure profit.  Talk to some stores in your town about donating a gift card, and possibly purchase a grand prize.  Host an event and raffle off the items and gift cards.  The ticket sales will be pure profit for your club.


More often than not, people will have no interest in purchasing apparel for a club they do not belong to.  However, if your club is large enough you can make a profit from just your team members.  For example, if you charge $20 for your club’s sweatshirt and the bulk discount makes it $15 you will make $5 off of each one.  Another bonus is that you get apparel, which you can wear for team events.

It may seem hard, but you can definitely put the FUN in fundraising.  With good ideas, you can rake in the cash very quick.  If you have demand, you will always make money.  Along the way, you will have fun if you have a passion for what you are raising money for in the first place!

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