Easy Ways to Save Your Money

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Being young can lead to carelessly spending money. Saving money is vital to becoming an independent woman, so we recommend you open up a savings account with your bank and follow these tips on saving some bucks!


Obsess Over Sales

Buying clothes, makeup, décor, and everything else we claim to need can get pretty expensive. Buying stuff on sale is crucial to limiting your spending. Luckily, many stores and food restaurants offer discounts for students. Also, checking the price of that cute top you want at the mall online might help you save a lot of money.

Say NO to Starbucks! 

We all love our daily dose of coffee but if you spend $5 everyday on coffee, it all adds up at the end of the month. So opt out for making coffee at home or taking a break on coffee for a bit; after all coffee is not so healthy for your body. We know it’s hard!


Know How To Have Fun

Going out to your favorite spot in town can get you to spend money you could have been saving. It’s best to go out when your local hangout has ladies free all night events going on. Or you can even have a Netflix night with all your friends. Begin thinking of ways you can start minimizing costs on your weekend activities to start saving.

Budget Your Life

The coolest part about becoming an adult (okay, maybe not the coolest) is creating a budget based off what you earn financially. It is important to allow yourself to save some money after you spend it on absolute necessities. Apps like Level Money connect to your bank account and create a budget for you! This way you know how much you can spend on clothes, entertainment, etc.

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