5 Tips for Taking Care of Your Skin This Summer

image via: http://www.glamour.com/lipstick/2013/06/7-summer-skincare-dos-and-donts


image via: http://www.glamour.com/lipstick/2013/06/7-summer-skincare-dos-and-donts

image via: http://www.glamour.com/lipstick/2013/06/7-summer-skincare-dos-and-donts

First and foremost, you need sunscreen this summer. In addition to causing skin cancer, excessive amount of sun can also damage your skins by causing discoloration, sun spots and premature wrinkles. In order to avoid those, a good sunscreen is necessary. You should always use a sunscreen with an SPF (Sun Protection Factor) of at least 15. However, the more fair skinned you are, the higher SPF you need. If you’re at a loss for the best sunscreen you can buy, check out this list. You also need to take breaks from the sun every once in a while, inspired the establishment of National Stay Out of the Sun Day on July 3rd.

2. Be careful of chlorine.

Chlorine can be very harsh on your skin, and it can make your skin very dry and flaky, or even cause premature aging. If you have sensitive skin or allergies, chlorine may even cause you to break into a rash. In order to avoid those side-effects, you should take a shower after you swim. Besides, it’s better to smell pretty than to smell like chlorine!

 image via: https://legacyeducators.wordpress.com/category/water/symptoms-of-dehydration/

image via: https://legacyeducators.wordpress.com/category/water/symptoms-of-dehydration/

3. Stay hydrated.

Dehydration might not seem to have anything to do with your skin, but it’s actually the opposite. Dehydration can happen really fast during the summer, and if you aren’t careful, your skin shows it. There are a number of symptoms that go along with dehydration, including fatigue, cramps, bad breath and a number of seemingly unrelated symptoms. Along with those,  it can cause your skin to become dry, look lackluster, become tight, rough, red or itchy. This can be easily remedied, as long as you remember to drink enough water this summer!


4. Moisturize.

Even with the hydration and washing off all the chlorine, your skin could still be dry. To counteract this, you need a good moisturizer. Check out these moisturizers that have SPF in them!

5. Ease up on the makeup for a bit.

Makeup tends to melt off during the summer, so why not try something new? Going natural is always good, or you can try a nice foundation and bronzer.


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