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soccer cleats
soccer cleats

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For all you Smart Girls out there, here is a quick and effective warm-up drill. This drill was created by the FIFA (Fédération Internationale de Football Association) association to protect against the most common soccer injuries; however, for those of you who aren’t in soccer, this is a great warmup for any activity.

When you’re done, here’s a fun workout to try!

What you will need:

• 6 sets of 2 cones in a line parallel with eachother (click here for an example of the setup) each set of cones should be about 5 feet apart and 5 feet away from the set of cones in front of it

• a partner (maybe a best friend?)

(each choose a side of the set of cones and remain on your chosen side for the entire warmup)


Step 1: Run

Start at the first cone and run on the inside of the sets with your partner to the last set of cones and then turn to your own outside cone and run back on the outside of the sets to the first cone. Repeat this once more.

Step 2: Up, Out, and Down

Start at the first set of cones and make your way to the last set repeating the drill at each, then run back. Pick your leg up and bend at the knee, then move your knee up all the way, outwards all the way and then down. Make sure you get a full range of motion, this will keep your hip flexors loose and make it easier to run. Repeat with your other leg.

Step 3:  Out, Up, In and Down

Start at the first set of cones and make your way to the last set repeating the drill at each, then run back. This is similar to the last drill but instead of rotating hour legfrom the inside to the outside, you rotate it from the outside to the inside. To get the motion, think about stepping over a hurdle. This is also working on your hip flexors to keep them loose. Repeat this twice.

Step 4: Shuffle

Both partners will run up and to the second set of cones and the left  partner will shuffle in front and around while the right partner will shuffle behind and around the set of cones. Repeat this twice.

Step 5: Stick It

This is a contact drill; both partners will stand side by side and jostle shoulders and on the way down make sure to stick the landing. Repeat at each cone and run back to the beginning at the last cone. Repeat this two times.

Step 6: Two Steps Forward, One Step Back

Both partners will run together and start standing in between the first set of cones. run forward two sets of cones and back pedal one set. Repeat this until the last set and then run back. Repeat this twice.

For a video of each step: click here.

When you’re done with your workout here’s what you should eat. Don’t forget to stay hydrated!



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