How To Stay In Touch With Friends After High School

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High school graduation can feel extremely liberating because you are starting a new chapter in your life. This is it! The moment that you have been working for four years is finally here. You are going to college away from home or you are commuting and most of your friends are going to do the same. Sadly, drifting apart can occur between your most valued friendships. In order to prevent that from happening we have listed some tips for you!

Don’t forget birthdays

We all love to be remembered and the biggest way to remember your friends is to tell them how special they are on their birthdays. Do not send a text, as a call will make it more personal and endearing.

Videochat to stay in touch

Although you and your friends will become busy college students, it is important to plan videochat dates. This will be more fun than texting your friends and you can show them your new dorm room.

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Send text messages

Be mindful of texting your friends once every two weeks or so. Keep up with them on social media by liking their pictures and commenting on their selfies. Make sure you do not forget to stay in touch and fill them in on your life. Let them know when you will be back home, so you both can plan to hang out. This way your friendship can stay amazingly intact.

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