How to Stay Productive: Summer Edition


Summer, summer, summer. That’s all we could think about during the brutal winter. Now that it’s here, what’s a girl supposed to do? Snapchat-worthy pool parties and beach trips are all in good fun, but summer can also be one of the most productive seasons for the smart girl. If you think about it, the weeks between Memorial Day to Labor Day have so much potential! With or without money in your pocket, take full advantage of this downtime to better yourself for the fall.

The main thing about summertime productivity is to remember to nurture your brain, which is just as important as nurturing your body. In between Netflix binges, read a few chapters of a nonfiction or satirical novel. That could mean a biography, classic, or even an exposé on something close to your heart. Allowing your imagination to set the scenes will help you grow creatively and increase your vocabulary. Download the sample of a book electronically to see if you like it initially. You can also try listening to audiobooks if you want to veg out completely. And even if you still have a reading list for school to cover, it’s a nice break from dense topics to allow your brain to envelop a story for pleasure.

Next, try brain-training apps for a daily challenge. Free apps like Peak and Elevate, give you weekly goals to accomplish and explore your competitive side. Waking up in the morning with nothing on the agenda can get mundane — these apps remind you when it’s time to train so that you go into each day ready to improve your cognitive skills. And if you want to take a break from your screens for a while, try crafting. Thinking of something to do with those old t-shirts and baskets in the basement is a challenge in itself — set your own weekly goal by establishing a project to have completed.

Another way to stay productive in the summer is to get organized and stay organized. Removing clutter from your room and space also clears your head. Take some time to go through those clothes you haven’t worn in a while and donate or resell them. If you’re up for it, you can also get ahold of a sewing kit and transform them into something you’ve always wanted. Repaint your room (with permission, of course) to add some new or more color to your life. Anything that gets the gears in your head turning is something that will help you become a better you for you.


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