The Styles of Sisterhood: The Lowdown on Greek Life Fashion

greek life sorority girls
greek life sorority girls

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As the spring semester comes to a close and the warmth of summer is upon us, women across the country look forward to wearing the season’s newest styles.

College women, in particular, are often looked at as having a very distinct sense of style, one that can tell a story about who she is and reflect her interests, activities and lifestyle. College offers endless opportunities for involvement, and whether you participate in theater or the arts, play on a sport’s team or belong to an academic or social club on campus, representing your interests is naturally something you love to do.

An organization on many campuses around the country that is known for its distinctive style is the Greek community. Many women look forward to their college years because it means joining a sorority, a sisterhood of women devoted to friendship, philanthropy, service and faith. Many of the memories made throughout one’s times spent in a sisterhood can be captured by everything from tees to tote bags, to handmade crafts to heirlooms.

In a sisterhood, however, not only are you dressing for yourself, but you as a representative for an organization rich in history and tradition. Whether participating in recruitment events, spirit week or supporting your organization’s philanthropy around campus, it’s important for Greek women to learn the art of dressing professionally and in style with her organization.

1) Try an outfit that encapsulates your sorority theme.

Choose not only pieces that can represent the spirit of your sorority, but can also serve as a great staple and go-to in your closet! Sometimes a theme alone can be all you need in order to create a unique, identifiable outfit that incorporates today’s latest trends.

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2) Use accessories to creatively represent your sorority.

If your sorority’s colors are bold, then the use of accessories should come into play! Accessories are the perfect way to incorporate a “pop” of color, while you’re still able to keep the base of your outfit neutral.

3) You can never go wrong with a statement necklace or a strand of pearls.

Pearls are an elegant piece of jewelry that can add sophistication to any look. Classic and timeless, pearls have been seen gracing the necks of sorority women since long ago in history.

Statement necklaces, although a more contemporary jewelry trend, do the same thing as pearls—they tie the whole outfit together, and make you look polished and ready-to-go when you’re wearing an outfit of neutrals.

4) Make the old become new (and trendy!) again.

Some of the greatest pieces you can have in your closet or jewelry box are those that have been passed down through generations. Whether it’s your grandmother’s strand of pearls, your mom’s sorority jersey from the 80s or your great grandbig’s patchwork sweater, treasure these items! Each carries so many special memories, and they have been passed down to you in order to create new memories. Ultimately, wearing something that you have a special connection with will make you feel confident and stand out!

5) Tees are making a fashion comeback.

In joining a sorority, you are guaranteed to have an entirely new athletic and lounge wear wardrobe. But the days of a colorful tee with bold white letters are gone, as you will now find sorority t-shirts with cute and creative designs that play on words and show off personality. Sorority t’s are the absolute best way to rep your letters!

6) “Dress” for Success.

Dresses are always a staple in a woman’s closet, especially when you’re on the go. As summer is close upon us, it’s a great time to get back out your most-loved maxi dress. For a universally flattering and stylish look, a maxi dress is a must-have piece.

For comfort and versatility, one can never go wrong with a T-shirt dress. Simple but chic, this dress is perfect for travel and your on-the-go lifestyle.

A relaxed style that can easily transition from day to night is the shift dress, especially those in super cute, bold prints.

Ultimately, dresses are the ideal piece in have in one’s closet that provides an effortless way to feel feminine and pulled together.

7) Allow chapter meetings to be a great time to develop a work appropriate style.

As business attire is mandatory for Greek chapter meetings, you will want to have several options of dressy pieces to choose from in your wardrobe. A pair of black and nude heels, a fitted black blazer, a pair of grey or black dress pants and a silk blouse in a soft, pastel color is a must-have.

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Lastly, use the art of layering to your advantage! A great tool, layering a lightweight sweater or cropped cardigan over a dress or blouse can make an outfit complete, plus also allow versatility for whatever the day may bring.

But most importantly, it is essential to plan ahead!

Ultimately, a woman’s planner can be said to hold her life in between the pages. Greek women live busy lives from academics, to extra-curricular activities, to volunteering and being involved in all aspects within a sisterhood. To make life easier, follow these few tips: coordinate outfits with your sisters well in advance before events, make sure to try on all pieces of your outfit together prior to activities and don’t forget to set out your clothes the evening before to save you time when getting ready. Now, you will be ready to stylishly show off your personality and what makes you unique.

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