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Presentations, whether in history or economics classes, can be extremely nerve wracking– not only do you have to put your public speaking skills to use, but you have to make a giant creative presentation! Moreover, the process of creating a memorable presentation that will not lull your classmates to sleep is undoubtedly tedious. Yet, a big presentation project can make a tangible difference in your grade. As technology continues to thrive, countless presentation creation softwares are being pushed onto the Internet to suit everyone’s varied expectations and needs. Plus, not all presentation software is created equal: Some tools may create presentations that are more suitable in professional business environments, where others may create ones that will appeal to children and teenagers that are dreading the 25 presentations they will have to sit through. These are our favorite presentation tools for you to ace your next project.


Powtoon is probably one of the most creative softwares out there. It is not your typical presentation creator; in fact, the finished product is an animated cartoon with music, special effects, cool props – you name it! Plus, it is super easy to produce your own personalized cartoon. You can simply drag and drop everything you wish to include and also add your own images. This tool is perfect in classroom settings to liven up the atmosphere and in careers that require you to showcase your creative side once in awhile!



Another unique tool, Prezi is one of the most widely-used presentation creators on the market. Its main concept involves zooming throughout a presentation as the screen focuses in and out of each slide. Prezi offers a variety of themes, font styles and cartoon icons that will help you captivate your audience. And of course, you can add background music, voice recordings and your own images to the presentation! Plus, Prezi allows multiple users to work on the same presentation simultaneously, which is extremely useful in group projects. Although, just a note, Prezi can be a little tough to perfect, which is frustrating if you’re super nit-picky!

Google Slides

As a part of Google Drive, Google Slides is another tool that allows multiple users to collaborate through the “Sharing” feature. This presentation software is simple yet effective, especially in business settings. Powtoon and Prezi might not always be the most appropriate option in professional environments due to their animated themes and overly elaborate features. But don’t worry, Google Slides is coming to your rescue! As a Powerpoint counterpart, Google Slides is super legit. It saves your work as you go, which means you don’t have to manually save your presentation every other minute. What a life saver when your laptop unexpectedly runs out of battery!



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