10 Lesson You Can Learn From Taylor Swift and Her Mom

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Taylor Swift and her mother have always been close, since Swift started touring her mother has never left her side. Until this year, that is. Around the end of 2014, Andrea Swift was diagnosed with cancer, which Taylor announced on her tumblr page, as requested by her mother. You can learn a lot from this pair though, from the value of being goofy to the value of getting your health checked.

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First and foremost, your health is important.

For Christmas last year, Taylor Swift asked her mother to get a checkup, just to “ease her worries.” There were no signs that anything was wrong, no “red-flags,”; she seemed perfectly healthy. Though they both decided to keep the exact details private, we do know that Andrea was diagnosed with cancer. She wanted to share all of this, though, because she wanted everyone to know that checkups and taking care of yourself are always the most important thing.

Songs make great gifts.

Okay. I didn’t know how to make this a lesson, per say, but it was too adorable to not put into this post. In her second album, “Fearless,” Taylor recorded a special song in secret for her mother. The song, called “The Best Day” is all about how her best days were always spent with her mother. She synced the song up to home videos and played it for her mother, which of course made her mother cry. 

Or a nice ACM award.

In April of this year, Taylor Swift received yet another award. But this one was different. This Academy of Country Music had none other than her mother, Andrea Swift present her with the Milestone award.

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Be goofy.

In 2008, there was a prom themed party in Nashville. Taylor attended in a beautiful blue dress, complete with a crown. Her mother, on the other hand, showed up in black dress that resembled a potato sack, white socks, sneakers, and even false teeth, a whistle, and a clipboard. She was the perfect gym teacher turned chaperone. She even warned people that there was “No kissing on the dance floor”

Christmas in definitely a time to be adorable with your family.

Last Christmas, Taylor took to New York with her family by her side. She even bought them a carload of presents to celebrate the holiday.

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 It’s important to be FEARLESS.

Taylor is fearlessly herself, but did you know that her mother is also insanely cool? In 2002, when the Swift family was just another family, Andrea recused boaters to shore after seeing that they were stranded in the ocean.

You are never to old for an easter egg hunt.

Taylor and her brother had a fantastically competitive easter egg hunt, arranged by her parent. This isn’t’ t the first time the Swift family has made a big deal of everything, Momma Swift made Taylor an Easter basket one year.

No act of love is too small.

Remember that time that Andrea held an umbrella over a camera ready Taylor on the set of the “White Horse” music video? Because we do. It was positively adorable.

It’s nice to give back to your family

In 2011, Taylor bought her parents a $2.5 million dollar house in Nashville.

Your mother can be the best best friend in the world.

In all of these stories, you can tell that Andrea cares endlessly for her daughter, and vice versa.



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