What to Do When You Still Live at Home




“I still live at home with my parents, is there a way I can still
maintain my privacy?”
– Carrie, 21

Absolutely, you just need to be upfront with your parents about your concerns and be willing to compromise. You are still living under their roof, but that doesn’t need to take away from your independence as an adult. Consider staying in a more private part of the house. If there is a heated basement or recreation room available, perhaps ask if you can move there. If not then invest in a lock system. Let your parents know that this is not meant to offend them, but that you need to feel a sense of privacy. Also, consider helping with the bills. This may not be the most attractive of options but it is a nice gesture when you are still living at home. Your parents may refuse the extra help, but the offer will help you in the future. Remember, you are already saving on rent by living at home. The most important point is to foster a healthy trust with your parents. They will be less likely to snoop around your room and drill you about why you’re coming home at certain hours if they feel like they can trust you.

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Sarah Clifford

Sarah Clifford is a writer and theatre actress from Charlotte, NC. She is in her second year of college at Central Piedmont, and pursuing an Art History degree. In her spare time she enjoys running, volunteering with the local animal shelter, reading art crime thrillers, and loving on her Terrier, Marty.