High School Internships

As the college application and job interview processes become more competitive, each student does more and more to stand out. The latest craze is internships, but a lot of high schoolers think they cannot apply for them. This is a huge myth. You can, and you should!!

The positives of internships are  infinite: great experience, incredible mentors (Emily is mine for my SGG internship – talk about learning from the best!), and the perfect resume booster. You could not ask for more. Because internships are so beneficial, they are also hard to get, but it can be a lot easier if you know where to look and what to search for.

As a high school girl, virtual internships can be a great place to start. This means you work strictly online and over the phone so you never need to go to an office. Virtual internships are a bit easier to manage, and finding them is simple. Look at websites and companies that you like. Take SGG for example. The virtual internship program is open to high school and college girls, so you can apply to intern here! (Honestly, it is the best place to work!) Another site that hires high school virtual interns is The Prospect which is a blog dedicated to helping high schoolers with the college prep process.


A fantastic place to look for internships is www.internqueen.com. Lauren Berger is “The Intern Queen,” and after having fifteen internships in college, she works to guide students through the whole process – from application to the last week on the job. Lauren’s website has thousands of listings that are virtual/in-person and ones for high schoolers, and the best part? Almost every kind of company has a posting on Intern Queen. Sports, fashion, marketing, finance, social media… You name it and it’s there.

Another helpful resource is Lauren’s book All Work, No Pay. It has detailed instructions on cover letters and resumes as well as general professional tips. It is great to reference at any stage of your internship!

When applying for all of these internships, be fearless. As silly as that sounds, you can never be afraid of dreaming big. Always apply and see how it goes. The worst thing that can happen is that you don’t get it, but there are always other opportunities. Applying and taking the risk is so worth it. You may end up getting an awesome internship that changes your life!

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