How to Survive 8am Classes


If you’re unlucky enough to get stuck with an 8am class, chances are you wake up 15 minutes before class starts, throw on some sweats, and suffer trying to keep yourself awake for the next hour.  I’ve had my fair share of 8am classes, and I learned to survive and thrive in them through smart scheduling, preparing the night before, and giving myself extra time to really “wake up.”

scheduling_solutions_small_355048Starting with scheduling, I will show you how you can still have the perfect schedule despite getting stuck with an 8am class.  If you have no other choice but to take a class at the crack of dawn, try to schedule your next class of the day for the afternoon so that you can spend the rest of your morning napping or recovering from a bad night’s sleep.  However, if you’re still feeling alive and awake after your 8am, use the rest of the morning to hit the gym or the library!  We have greater willpower in the morning, so why not head to the gym since you’re already awake?

The last thing you want to do in the morning before your 8am class is run around your room looking for your notebook, textbook, agenda, etc.  In order to prevent this last minute scramble, set aside ten or so minutes the night before to lay out your outfit, pack your schoolbag, and maybe even pour your bowl of cereal (without the milk of course!).  Anything that you can do to save a few minutes in the morning means that you can set your alarm a little bit later. ef6b3e7aca4b25d266985f7c345850759034b5c4_large

That being said, you may need to set multiple alarms to really help you wake up.  If, like me, you tend to sit in bed on your phone for 5-10 minutes when you first wake up, you may want to factor that in to when you set your alarm.  If you’re still having trouble leaving your warm comfy bed, put your phone on the other side of your room so that when the alarm goes off you are forced to get up and shut it.

For me, getting through my 8am classes was all about having a positive attitude. With a good night’s sleep and an optimistic view, you can make even the most boring classes worth getting up for.  If you’re looking for more tips on how to have a productive morning, check out my post “5 Ways to Make the Most of Your Mornings at College”!



Kristen McNeill

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