5 Ways You Can Get a Jumpstart on a Career in Journalism


When you are young, it can sometimes be hard to find out about opportunities for people your age, whether it is volunteer work, internships, or actual work experience. Believe it or not, there are lots of opportunities out there for girls looking to one day go into a certain field of work. Smart Girls, there ARE options for ‘getting ahead’ in your desired industry every day.

Here we have five important, and super helpful, ways that you can get a jumpstart on a career in journalism.

  1. Get involved with groups that look for writers your age. The Smart Girls Group is a great example of a group that allows girls, high school age to college age, to start writing. Allowing you to make choices about what you want to write about and how often, the group of girls is great for experienced writers and beginners. Also, Huffington Post Teen is a great option for writing at a young age. (See #2 for more information on that.) 066831997dbdb45edfcbc72c24a2190c
  2. Find blogging opportunities. Whether you start your own blog, guest blog, or join a group of bloggers, this is a great choice for writers wishing to express themselves any way they want to at any time. Huffington Post Teen allows young writers to blog as frequently or infrequently as they want to, and about anything they choose. Guest blogging can be a great way to start blogging. Writing on another person’s blog allows for their readers to read and get connected with you. The majority of writing freedom, though, comes with starting your own blog. Free websites like wordpress.com and blogger.com allow beginning bloggers to have creativity and a lot of choices in the writing processes.3781447a8be0043c6fe6fde9ce03d2c3
  3. Join the school newspaper. Getting practice within school is a great opportunity for if you have a very busy schedule not open to a lot of programs or blogging. Getting academic credit for doing something you love and want practice in is a great way for you to learn and have fun at the same time.d4967d2b7b435d9a6d182b2dc9d98df9
  4. Work or intern. If your schedule and state working laws allow, look for companies within the journalism field to either work or intern at. Putting yourself out there and actually getting involved with real companies will allow for so much learning and experience. Not to mention, you could also get paid for doing something you enjoy!ff5c89a00485627b376a03aba589d812
  5. Join broad programs to develop your skills. While joining SGG is great for getting your writing out there, joining a program like the Her Campus High School Ambassadors will allow you to broaden your skills in writing, marketing, communications, and media. The program offers weekly lessons and assignments, ranging from creating cover letters and writing articles to creating marketing plans.HSambassador


So, Smart Girls, while sometimes it may seem like there is no way for you to get a head start on your dream job, there were five easy ways to get that head start you’ve always dreamt of. Have fun getting started!

Elena Barrera-Waters

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Elena Barrera-Waters

Elena Barrera-Waters attends the Liberal Arts & Science Academy and enjoys anything and everything that has to do with writing, philosophy and psychology, or trying to better understand the world. A lover of coffee, emotional Youtube videos, and the Smart Girl's Group, she couldn't be happier to be working where she is and doing things she loves.