How to Make the Most of Spring Break


Spring Break is like a beaker of promise on the end of winter.  The stretch from Winter break to Spring Break seems to drag on for eternity for most high school students  as teachers continue to pile on essays and tests until final bell before everyone rushes home or off to vacation.  Students are exhausted and it is easy to see why most teenagers spend the first couple days of their breaks sleeping for 14 hours and watch America’s Next Top Model for the other 10.  However, spring break is a valuable time.  With all that free time, you are capable of so many things!  Here are some ways to make the most of your spring break:


1.  Rest-  Sleep in! You deserve it after those long winter months full of school and sports.  However, when you do sleep in, don’t let it take your whole day.  CNN posted an article about the negative affects of sleeping too much can make you even more tired and irritable (   Even if you sleep in make sure you don’t stay in bed or on the couch all day!


Research2.  College Research-  If you are a junior, March is the time that talk about college begins.  By March many people have had meetings with college counselors or begun to visit schools.  If you haven’t started the search yet, spring break is a great time to do some research on schools.  You can either look at a Fiske Guide which you can buy at Barnes and Nobles or most likely find at a public library.  You could also make an account on and surf the thousands of colleges while you watch TV or are feeling bored.


3.   Free Read-  I know that after a couple months of endless biology textbook readings or history research, reading for fun can seem to be the least attractive thing to do over spring break.  However, reading at least one book can be really relaxing!  Also, a lot of college applications and interviews ask about books you’ve read recently for fun so reading over spring break is a great time to get some needed fun reading done.  No matter what, choose books that look interesting to you.

cookies_0124.  Cook or Bake-  I find baking and cooking to be extremely relaxing and rewarding.  Not only do you get to eat the delicious meal or treat you prepared, you can have a lot of fun in the process!  My friends and I try to bake at least one cake or a batch of cupcakes whenever we are all home for break.  There are often mistakes made when baking or cooking, but that’s what makes it a fun experience.  Also, if you do manage to bake the perfect soufflé or prepare an exquisite plate of pasta, you always get to enjoy it.


5.  Job Search-  If you’re planning on getting a job in the summer, spring break is the perfect time to look for available positions.  You can ask around your neighborhood, look for openings online, or even email businesses you’ve heard of that you would enjoy working at.  Getting a summer job all sorted out in March alleviates a lot of stress for once you get back to school.


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6.   Do what you want to do-  Spring break is your time, and ultimately you decide what to do with it!  There are so many things you can do, that sometimes you just need to learn or do something that you’ve always wanted to do but never had the chance to do.  Last year’s spring break my friend learned how to knit and I got my CPR license so that I could become a lifeguard!  The time of freedom is yours and do what you enjoy.


Have fun and make the most out of your spring break (in true Smart Girl fashion)

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