The Ranking



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This semester is halfway over, and reflecting on it, it’s been extremely challenging, but even more rewarding. I’ve had to balance classes, a key role in a pre-professional organization at school, and an internship that requires hours in the office and even in the field. The most challenging part of balancing all of these responsibilities is just that – balancing them. I was convinced that some pockets of my life were more valuable than others. The truth is: they aren’t.

As Smart Girls, it’s evident that we have a lot to chew on our plates. However, we can’t let one task diminish the importance of another, as every project that we’re assigned is going to contribute to our future in some way.

One of the most crucial rules of balancing all of our tasks out is to set reminders on what we have to do. I carry a physical Lilly Pulitzer planner, which I write all of my homework assignments in, but I also set alarms and plug in important dates on my phone’s calendar. I even leave sticky notes on my laptop and open the Stickies app on my Macbook, where I also list tasks I have to get done. Having all of these reminders is annoying, but that’s the point. Once you do what you have to do, you won’t be annoyed anymore!

When working on projects or assignments of any caliber, whether they’re school or work-related, I actually find it helpful to have background or white noise. Working in silence in my dorm room, in my opinion, makes me feel fatigued. Fresh air will boost your energy, but that doesn’t mean you have to work outside. Take your tasks to a coffee shop or your school’s dining hall, where there’s positive energy all around you of people working. Seeing other people focus will influence you to do the same.

If you find it difficult to consider every project equal in terms of importance, map out the deadlines for each project and complete them in due date order. For example, if you have a project for school due Monday, but a deadline for work due Friday, complete the work assignment first. Working on projects in order of when they’re due will relieve you of so much unnecessary stress.

So Smart Girls, what exactly do I mean by “The Ranking?” There is none! Everything on your plate is important, so treat each project well, and you will receive positive results.

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